'Crazy realistic' paper flowers for that one big moment


Well, let's admit it: we want that big day moments to linger for a lifetime, even beyond! But flowers wilt, the colors fade and the hullabaloos subsides - all that's left were stories and stack of photos that will remind you of that glorious day. That is why we created paper flowers for weddings. With ThePaperblooms, you can carry your bouquet even after your wedding day - you might even use it on your renewal of vows!

Whether you want it extra sized or natural sizes, we can emulate your choice flowers to make your dream bouquet that could last longer, come to life.

(c) Meg&Jane Studios
ThePaperblooms was a dream to work with. They were overflowing with so much creativity and passion, that I just decided to get them right then and there. They’re really easy to work with, and the output is beyond my wildest imagination! Every petal of every flower was crafted with perfection in mind. Hindi minadali, alam mong gawa with love (You will know it was done with love and unhurried). Now, I get to keep my bouquet in all its glory. It’s one of the best decisions I made as a bride-to-be.
Out of all the vendors we’ve hired, ThePaperblooms is the only one who really delivered. And what they have delivered is way more than what I have expected. I fell in love with the flowers! They were perfect! And I won’t be recommending them only for weddings, but also for any other special occasion you may have. I am 100% sure that they can deliver and will go out of their way to give you the best.
Doing a DIY wedding, while fun, can sometimes be stressful especially when the couple want an artsy touch to it. We experienced this first-hand as we love arts and crafts but can’t happen to do everything on our own. It’s a blessing that ThePaperblooms is there! The flowers add wonderful colors to our gloomy weather wedding day. It’s whimsical. We love it; everyone loves it and even the guests would like to have their own paper bouquet. Until now, I have my bouquet and my husband’s boutonniere displayed in our apartment. It’s really a great decision and I encourage the future brides to do the same. ThePaperblooms is helpful and really, really creative.

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