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our story

We started as a wedding solution

Founded in 2014 as an alternative solution for a bride who doesn't want to carry a heavy bouquet , the ThePaperblooms is one of the fast-growing niched florist in the Philippines respected for its handcrafted flowers from crepe papers.

ThePaperblooms is coined from two words "paper" and "blooms" which aptly describe who she is. Most of her flowers are made from crepe papers while few others are made from specialty paper and boards. Her flower gardening story started when its owner Gerry Rosales get married in September 2013. During their wedding planning, his then-fiancée told him, "I won't carry a bouquet, no matter how lovely or costly it is, if its heavy." This has led him to create paper flowers for their wedding using specialty papers and boards. Few months after, ThePaperblooms is born.


Our Commitment

We create lifelike paper flowers for everyone

ThePaperblooms is a paper flower company that creates artistic flower replica of almost any flower in the market that you can name. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted from choice materials to create a masterpiece of sheer passion, artistry and delight. 

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We exist to make someone happy

We made a bride happy with the solution that we've found through paper flowers - a pursuit that we will always do. We feel happy each time we make flowers, it gladdens people who look for us, and it delight the person at the end of the line. Happiness is a cycle that is incorporated at the very onset of our workflow, a silent capital that grows from one person to another. We live through this queue: happiness, gladness and delight.



Meet our team


Gerry Rosales

He is the groom who did all the entourage and reception flowers for his bride who doesn't want to carry a heavy bouquet (Alas! all wedding bouquets of fresh flowers are weighty). You may ask how his fingertips felt after, well, he managed to spare his ring finger from work to put the wedding ring on. Aside from paper gardening, he is also a graphic artist with working background in photo manipulation, vector illustration and laying out; a part-time wedding planner and a father of two kids.

Maryleth Anyayahan Rosales

She is the bride who doesn't want to carry a heavy bouquet and ended up holding a bunch of paper peonies, roses and ranunculus. She manages the affairs of GM Design Studio, from which ThePaperblooms is one of its division. On her spare time she do gospel singing.