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If ever one could make flowers to last, surely, that's us.

We love flowers. And, we love crafting them, too! Though the task of a paper gardener is always daunting, time consuming and exhausting as in most handmade cases, nonetheless, the joy that paper flower brings to people is rewarding. At every encounter, we want to make someone happy. With their smiles, we feel doubly paid.

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artisan pieces

Meticulously emulated, you'll need a second-look

We create artistically emulated, life-like replica of almost any flower in the market that you can name. Every piece is carefully handcrafted from choice materials to create a masterpiece of sheer passion, artistry and delight.

Welcome to our paper garden!


lasting moment

Every flowers were made with forever-and-a-day in mind

We have emulated and designed a number of flower types and arrangements to choose from to make that flower present that can last longer (as compared with fresh cut flowers) if not to a lifetime, possible. Paper flowers, if handled and cared properly may last for years, thus keep the memories alive through times

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bouquet & boutonniere

Lightweight, stunning and photogenic as always

Think of carrying at least 700 grams of flowers, in heels, long gown and attending to your guests, tiring, isn't it? Paper bouquet is a lightweight solution without loosing value and aesthetic feel. Paper flowers never fail to please almost everyone. More so, you can keep it for as long as you want.


styling services

Experience paper floristry at its finest

Give your event an extra edge with centerpieces and decors done in paper. Whether it would be giant sized flowers for installation or wall hangings to organic sized aisle runner and table centerpieces, the paper flower application for event styling is endless. You can have it as a party favor as well.

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